Image by Ian Schneider


My thoughts about leadership can be summed up in four core values that have become the cornerstone of my own career.  As with anything, they are constantly evolving, so this page receives the most of my attention over time.  I am constantly reflecting on how I lead and its impact on others.  


Trusting relationships must be cultivated through interactions that are personal, professional and polite, while maintaining honesty that is necessary to facilitate work and development.  Transparent conversations promote trust and lead to greater efficiency associated with higher performance.  


Leadership must never shy away from difficult interactions, but rather confront them with humility and enough temperance to accomplish the desired outcome while leaving all parties with as much dignity as possible.  The higher compensation that comes with leadership roles is indication that additional work is required.  Simply put, it's why leaders make the big bucks. 


There must never be a time when doing what is good for people is overshadowed by profitability.  The long-term implications of doing good will always override its short-term costs.  Maintaining focus on customers, employees and suppliers ensures quality control and customer service to all stakeholders.  



Leaders should jealousy guard the tenets of their stated mission, core values and vision. Protect and monitor what you value, or expect those areas to be neglected.  If this task proves difficult, then likely the stated direction of the organization (mission statement) need

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