Race & Social Justice

My work surrounding race and social justice tends to be with organizations on a periodic basis.  That period may be weekly, monthly or annually.  I also work with small groups for a one-time discussion to get them started in the subject.  

Business & Profitability

The firms with which I have worked are usually seeking ways to improve some aspect of their business activities.  Sometimes organizations want to change or establish culture, and request that I facilitate their plan for that.  Often I am asked to analyze business activities and identify areas to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  I usually respond by recommending work in three core areas: people, processes and profits.  


Whether I speak as a guest at a graduation or facilitate a discussion about how to lead, I always endorse the tenets of servant leadership, unless I am requested to focus on a different approach.  When working with young people, I focus on their decisions and how they think, rather than telling them what to think.  

Most Recent Article: Discussing Race at Work

Project | 01

Weekly Race Chats

Weekly Meeting Facilitator

At Lucky Dog Nation, we meet every week to discuss race in America.  The conversations are tough, transparent and informative.  We create a safe space and find the courage to ask tough questions of ourselves and each other.  This work is necessary if we want to be a firm that is grounded in social justice efforts.  We are showing up imperfectly and learning to speak up.  

Project | 02

Bias, Bigotry & Racism

Meeting Facilitator

In response to the recent protests following the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, I facilitated a series of meetings for participants affiliated with a non-profit organization who were seeking strategies to address racism.  

Project | 03

Increasing the Bottom Line

Non-Profit Organization Consulting

This project involved working with a non-profit organization to identify non-traditional business practices that increased employee engagement, reduce turnover, and target donors.  

Project | 04

Social Justice Initiatives

Adaptive Leadership

This project is close to home!  As the CEO of Lucky Dog Nation, I am currently spearheading the launch of a new brand.  The impetus for this new endeavor was the social, economic and political climate resulting from COVID19 and civil unrest.  

Project | 05

People, Profits & Processes

Functional Medical Office Consulting

The latest project for Grapple, LLC involves consulting with a functional medial practice.  The scope of focus was operational efficiency and increasing revenue streams.

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